Marconi lab researchers win Google Deepmind Scholarship awards

Post by The Marconi Research and Innovations Lab | Nov. 1, 2022

Two of our researchers: Ben Wycliff Mugalu and Sudi Murindayi have been awarded the Google DeepMind Machine Learning scholarship to pursue an MSc in Computer Science (Track : AI and Data Science) degree at Makerere University.

DeepMind is a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, machine learning experts and more, working together to research and build safe AI systems that learn how to solve problems and advance scientific discovery for all.

Best-known for developing AlphaGo, the first program to beat a world champion at the complex game of Go, DeepMind has published over 1000 research papers - including more than a dozen in Nature and Science - and achieved breakthrough results in many challenging AI domains from StarCraft II to protein folding.

DeepMind was founded in London in 2010, and joined forces with Google in 2014 to accelerate its work. Since then, its community has expanded to include teams in Alberta, Montreal, Paris, and Mountain View in California.

The scholarship is a partnership between Makerere University and DeepMind and aims to train and produce graduate students/researchers and scholars with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science.